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Caught Between The Sun And San Francisco


How Many Sips Does It Take To Get To The Bottom Of A Pint Of IPA

Dendrochronology is the scientific method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree-rings. Implementing that same methodology, I’ve discovered that it takes me roughly five sips to make it to the bottom of a pint of IPA.

There’s No Room For Machismo In The War Against Water Damaged Nightstands

If it’s a red polka dot coaster that protects your wooden nightstand, well then, a red polka dot coaster it will be. There is one goal, and one goal only: respect wood.

The Rules Of Cycling From A 1970’s Bicycle Owner’s Manual

Back in the days when people rode bikes in bell-bottoms, the Japanese bicycle company Miyata included these helpful owner’s manuals when you purchased one of their bikes.

A while back, I bought a 3-speed Miyata bicycle manufactured in the 70’s (still in its original box) from a guy in Chicago who had a warehouse full of them. Along with the vintage ride came an orange owner’s manual full of useful tips, including a page on “Bicycle Safety Riding”.

Some of the safety tips are gems. Did you know that a red light on the back of your bike used to be referred to as the “danger signal”. And an activity referred to as “stunt” riding, is never appropriate. Here’s the full list:

So Long Summer

When summer comes to an end on the east coast, boats get pulled from the water. Although it’s come to our attention that Chicks Ahoy! hasn’t touched the water in years. C’mon guys.

via FourShore

Your Car Blinker Is A Cyclist’s Best Friend

So you hate cyclists and think they need to abide by the same rules as a person driving a car that weighs four tons more than a bicycle. Great! You’re not alone. A lot people think the same way as you.

Unfortunately for you, cyclists are going to continue riding on the same streets that you drive on.

On the bright side there is one thing you can do as a motorist to help ease the tension between yourself and cyclists — use your blinker (turn signal).

There it is. This is the equalizer.

We’ll continue to roll stops and you’ll continue to door us, but if we all just overshare the direction we’re about to go in I’m sure it will make a diference.

Some People Still Believe In Dressing Up For Air Travel

It’s uncertain as to where this man was headed that day, but it’s safe to say that wherever he was going, he was getting there in style.

Where are his shoes?

Los Angeles Traffic Text Message

Shark Tent Sighting

Surftripmap Animates The West Coast

surftripmap — Southern California

Surftripmap, the hand drawn surf spot world map, is about to get a lot more localized. This fall the map maker will release a new animated map of the West Coast of the United States, encompassing California, Oregon, Hawaii and parts of Mexico.

Simon over at surftripmap hooked us up with a sneak peek of the yet to be released map, and it appears that the guys put some serious time into capturing all the characteristics that make the west coast a unique surfing destination.

surftripmap – Northern California

San Francisco gets a good deal of love on the new West Coast US map, with a couple of hippies hanging out the windows of a cable car next to local surf spots that include Rodeo Beach, Ocean Beach and Fort Point.

With Napa to the north and Santa Cruz to the south, no West Coast surf map is complete without Reno, Nevada — The Biggest Little Surf City in the World.

When you think about it, surfing and art go hand in hand. After all, waves are really just a bunch of empty canvases waiting to be painted. So we asked Simon to tell us a little bit more about surftripmap and how these great animated maps came to be. Here’s what he had to say:

[TUBES]: When you think of surfing the first thing that comes to mind isn’t necessary landlocked Germany (which is where surftripmap is based). What’s the story behind surftripmap?
[Simon]: I am from Germany and surfed in France and Portugal growing up. When I went to University I tried to spend as much time abroad as possible resulting in a semester at San Diego State, volunteer work in Peru and stays of more than 3 months in Brazil and Spain/France/Portugal. Surfing all those places I wanted to pinpoint where I have been and plan new trips. Being landlocked in Germany this would also be a great reminder to not forget the surf is out there. A regular worldmap seemed to be too boring so I teamed up with an artist (who surfs himself) and we created the surftripmap. So the intention behind it is to help you discover surf destinations that you wouldn’t expect, remember all your trips and just bring the surf into your home (the surftripmap is no stormrider guide but it does give you a rough idea where you can expect great surf).

[TUBES]: When will the US-West Coast map officially be released?
[Simon]: We are looking to release it for the Christmas time on October 1st.

[TUBES]: You’ve got some pretty local spots on the West Coast map, like Rodeo Beach. How do you get your insider knowledge?
[Simon]: Creating the surftripmap and west coast map we have read almost every source about surf spots there is and of course our own experience goes into the maps as well. We have received a lot of emails pointing out that we show secret spots on the surftripmap so to respect the locals we have not included quality icons on the west coast map.

[TUBES]: Who does the artwork for surftripmap?
[Simon]: Lars Seiffert and he’s a dude from Germany, Cologne.


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