Has Technology Killed The Photography Star?

This series of photos was taken by my buddy Roberto, who would argue that anyone with an expensive camera is suddenly a professional photographer. That it’s no longer artistic talent producing great shots, but rather technology making us all look better than we actually are.

Bold claim. Some truth to it. I do think his photos are pretty sweet.

What do you think?

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  1. In some ways, yes. It seems like photo manipulation software has become more commonplace than it used to be.



  2. I absolutely agree. Everyone and anyone thinks they can be a photographer. What’s worse, is mooks like me that act like Instagram is the greatest thing since sliced bread.



  3. Give one of these fools with these expensive cameras a Pentax K1000, a roll of film and some chemicals and prove to me that you are a true photographer…I would argue that anyone now in days that can afford an expensive digital camera, expensive photo software and but of course a Mac will shoot pictures that are worthy of Publishing in any Magazine. These pictures were shot with a simple point and shoot and I was able to make them look pretty good with some simple tweaking…Enjoy!



  4. I agree that technology has enhanced photography and has made life easier for the novice photographer, but in response to the argument that “everyone and anyone thinks they can be a photographer (now),” why not let them think that? Why not let people enjoy a new found hobby that they derive pleasure from? I’m not a professional photographer, but if I were I would recognize that the best of the best photography would still be appreciated and recognized by the best of the best photographers.



  5. It’s like the autoharp. Any monkey who can move his right hand up and down and press a button with his left can make music. Not to mention the much easier manipulation of the digital era (garage band, samples, loops autotune). But I don’t see that monkey selling albums or selling out shows…aw crap!! but perhaps i do! beiber, swift, black, mraz and a million others if i paid attention.
    I think the art world is slightly more protective. I dont see (no offense) Roberto being presented at the De Young. But that’s probably only because there is more money in the music business than in photography…

    The Photography star is as dead as the rock star. Maybe through the eyes of the populace, but not through the eyes of anyone with half a brain. it’s scary. Culture reflects reality and intellect. And on that note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUntx0pe_qI

    but hey, empowering the amateur. What’s wrong with that? With some dedication Roberto can present at the De Young! thanks for the cheap camera, China!




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