Hurricane Irene And Her Big Waves Are Coming To New York

Most of the time when you hear about a hurricane in the Atlantic you think, “poor Florida” or “poor North Carolina.” Rarely do you consider New York in need of sympathy.

When Florida is getting pounded by a hurricane New York is usually benefiting with some solid surf. With Hurricane Irene, that’s not the case because as of right now she’s coming directly at us.

I went surfing at Gilgo Beach this morning and there were some nice clean chest high waves rolling in. The wind was really clam, providing some truth to the saying “the calm before the storm.”

Hurricane Irene is projected to hit Long Island this Sunday. She has already caused the Jets vs. Giants preseason game to be moved up earlier to this Saturday, and grocery stores are being jammed up with people as if they were shopping during the holidays.

If you’re heading out surfing before Irene touches ground, send us your photos of the waves. Be safe out there.

[via Weather Underground]

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