Segway All Up In The Bike Lane

The tagline for Segway reads, “the leader in personal, green transportation”. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that bicycles are probably the leader in that department.

While I realize the Segway is all “green” and what not, they need to be rolling somewhere other than the bike lane.

As Mission Mission noted a while back regarding Segways mixing in with the bike commute:

While the Segway accelerated quickly off the stoplight line, that only forced cyclists to repeatedly pass him after every intersection since his top speed left much to be desired.

I had to pass this Segway guy three times, because at each traffic light he felt the need to pull in front of me again. To his credit he was staying on the right side of the bike lane, so it wasn’t hard to pass, but a little two-wheeled vehicle speed etiquette would have been appreciated.

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