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Has Technology Killed The Photography Star?

This series of photos was taken by my buddy Roberto, who would argue that anyone with an expensive camera is suddenly a professional photographer. That it’s no longer artistic talent producing great shots, but rather technology making us all look better than we actually are.

Bold claim. Some truth to it. I do think his photos are pretty sweet.

What do you think?

You’re Talking About Surfing In New York, Stop The Bullshit

The Quiksilver Pro New York is only a few days away from kicking off in Long Beach (well, hopefully…). So to wet your pallet before the contest begins, check out this video of New Yorkers providing their two cents on surfing in the Big Apple.

Photos: New York Is Doing ‘Aight Following Hurricane Irene

They come on you fast, and they leave you fast. New York is a lot soggier and has a couple less trees than it did prior to Hurricane Irene, but the majority of the area is doing just fine after the storm. Below are some pics of the neighborhoods on the south shore of Long Island and Queens shortly after the winds died down.

Long Island


[photos via Heather Madey]

Hurricane Irene And Her Big Waves Are Coming To New York

Most of the time when you hear about a hurricane in the Atlantic you think, “poor Florida” or “poor North Carolina.” Rarely do you consider New York in need of sympathy.

When Florida is getting pounded by a hurricane New York is usually benefiting with some solid surf. With Hurricane Irene, that’s not the case because as of right now she’s coming directly at us.

I went surfing at Gilgo Beach this morning and there were some nice clean chest high waves rolling in. The wind was really clam, providing some truth to the saying “the calm before the storm.”

Hurricane Irene is projected to hit Long Island this Sunday. She has already caused the Jets vs. Giants preseason game to be moved up earlier to this Saturday, and grocery stores are being jammed up with people as if they were shopping during the holidays.

If you’re heading out surfing before Irene touches ground, send us your photos of the waves. Be safe out there.

[via Weather Underground]

Bad Airplane Manners

Being able to pinpoint the location of your airplane on a map in real-time while you’re flying is awesome. I can’t argue that. But if you’re gonna turn on the map channel you better not fall asleep because the person sitting behind you has a full view of your screen and it’s straight painful to watch an airplane crawl across the country.

Earthquake Hits The East Coast

Forget Hurricane Irene for a moment, Long Island just got shock waves from a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia! I’m currently unable to make calls from my cell phone on Verizon, and my father can’t make calls on his AT&T iPhone.

Update: Here’s the scene outside Grand Central in NYC. Everyone Twittering and what not following the earthquake.

Gone Fishing

I often forget how great it can be to spend a day out on the bay aboard one of the Captree fishing boats. Every summer I try to make it out at least one time. As soon as I got on the boat this past Saturday I instantly wondered why I had waited so long.

Flower To Flower

flower to flower by Swaj.

Eat My Dust

Lawn mowers out in the country are supercharged.

No Swell Of Interest Forecast

 [via Surfpulse on 8.19.11]

Can you remember a worse surf forecast for Northern California? I’ve never seen “No swell of interest forecast” posted before. Ouch.

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