New York Surf Spots Google Map

We created New York Surf Spots, a Google map to help pinpoint surf breaks in New York. New York Surf Spots is open collaboration. Please feel free to add your local New York surf knowledge to the map by dropping a few anchor icons wherever good waves break.

I grew up on the south shore so break locations west of Fire Island are slim, save for a couple spots in Montauk.

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  1. This is a fun exercise to do…but is it necessary?



    1. Necessary, no. Useful, yes. I find that the further you move away from LI the less people know about the surf scene there aside from Long Beach and Montauk. While they’re both great spots, there’s a pretty “long” stretch of coastline with consistent beach breaks that no one cares to talk much about and this could help expose some of those lesser known spots. For instance, Democrat Point. People on the south shore know about it, but you won’t find it on Surfline.



      1. But that’s my point. Why do these spots need to be broadcasted? I love Demo and consider it my favorite place to surf—but the place can’t really sustain a crowd, it’s just not the way it’s built. Thankfully, it’s got a little bit of its own crowd enforcer: the walk.

        I don’t know. I’m not all about secrecy and localism or anything—after all, someone told me about Demo initially too. I just think it’s for the best that it’s not on Surfline.



        1. we’re not surfline 🙂




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