Alaskan IPA Label Is An Accurate Depiction Of The State’s Most Popular Surf Spot

There are 680 people that live in the coastal city of Yakutat, Alaska. With an average yearly air temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit, Yakutat doen’t jump out as an ideal surf destination, but it’s the backdrop for the surf-inspired label appearing on the Alaskan Brewing Company’s IPA.

Ironic as it may seem, the label is a surprisingly accurate representation of Alaska’s most popular surf spot.

[via Surf Alaska]

You’ve got to be one radical dude to surf the waves that break in Yakutat. While the air temperature does get a bit warmer in summer (it was 67 degrees Fahrenheit in July) that water temp is always going to give you an ice cream headache after every duck dive. These are some serious ice tubes, but they are without question breaking in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Costa Rica, Hawaii and Baja all have their obvious draw of perfect waves and warm weather, but being able to say you’ve surfed in Alaska would be worth the potential frostbite. And hey, the surf up there looks good too!

Don’t freak out if you get all the way to Alaska and forgot to pack your frigid-temp surf wax, there’s a local surf shop called Icy Waves dominating the Yakutat surf market.

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  1. […] within city limits makes that place a “surf town” then it would be fair to state that Yakutat and glacier in Alaska are surf […]




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