Haight Street New York Is Nothing Like Haight Street San Francisco

[via Forgotten NY]

Oh yeah, New York City has a Haight district. It’s in Queens. And from the amazing graphic above, and the detailed post written over on Forgotten NY, it’s clear that the San Francisco Haight district and New York Haight district have absolutely nothing in common (save for a street name).

The post on Forgotten NY is actually pretty interesting (full of old maps and stuff), but this is hands down my favorite line prefixing the neighborhood comparisons:

Come and see where the smell of incense fills the air and where the smell of the Flushing River suffuses the nostrils

Kind of a toss-up between which Haight district is better. New York Haight doesn’t appear to have street kids or bong emporiums, so that’s a plus. But Citi Field is right across the river. And San Francisco Haight isn’t in Queens, so that’s a win… Tough call. What do you think?

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