Grain Surfboards Is Coming To San Francisco To Teach Us How To Make Wooden Surfboards

[photo via Grain Blog]

Grain Surfboards is leaving Maine for a short period of time this Fall to visit San Francisco and host their first “traveling” wooden surfboard building workshop. The guys at Grain teamed up with San Francisco Surfrider and Sustainable Surf to put on the weeklong class, taking place September 25-October 1 at the Engine Company #33 Firehouse in Oceanview.

According to the Grain blog:

York Maine is a long way to come for a lot of people, so a few years ago we started thinking about taking our show on the road. Thanks to some friends on the west coast, we’re going to hold our first Traveling Workshop in the fabled City by the Bay.

I’ve already made two wooden surfboards using the kits Grain sells online, and both boards came out looking amazing, not to mention the pride you feel from being able to make a surfboard out of wood.

The workshop isn’t cheap – tuition for the weeklong class is $1,975 – but the cost of all the woodworking tools and supplies that were needed to build my first two boards was far from free. I also had to call Grain’s shop more than a few times with questions.

They’re a good group of guys at Grain, and you can visit their classes page for more details about the upcoming San Francisco workshop. Also checkout the west coast workshop post on

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