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Rogue Artist Spruces Up Magazine Street Bus Stop

If you catch the #11 bus at Magazine and Valmont in New Orleans, you might have noticed a new addition to the stop. An unknown artist left a functional piece of art, making use of some red and yellow paint and some Abita bottle caps. Thank you mystery artist, now I have a place to sit while waiting for the bus in this 100 degree heat.

Beer Bottle Garden

Ommegang beer is not only delicious to drink, but the bottles can be “recycled” to beautify your garden.

Giant Mavericks Wave Painted On The Side Of A Building

MissionMission posted a photo of this huge Mavericks mural painted on the side of a building in the big wave’s hometown of Half Moon Bay, California. Rad, and scary!

Bike-Part Vending Machines Exist And We Need Them In Every City

Bike Fixation, a Minneapolis-based company, is now providing cyclists in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area with access to bike-part vending machines.

You can buy a tube or patch kit, pump up your tires for free, and make simple adjustments using supplied tools.

These “bike repair kiosks” are not meant to replace the need for a bike shop’s repair department, but instead can act as a low-cost extension of a bike shop.

The Bike Fixation sales pitch goes a little something like this:

Do you want a way to expand your bike shop’s reach without the expense of a new store location? Do you want to offer something new and innovative to your local cycling community while helping promote your shop’s image? Want to start a small business and support bicycle infrastructure at the same time? Bike Fixtation can help! Bike Fixtation can supply you a complete self-service bicycle repair kiosk using our in-house designed quality components that are tested and proven.

I can’t image that a bike-part vending machine would be cheap, but it would be awesome to setup an Ice Tubes branded one along The Wiggle. I’d buy a new color handlebar tape every week!

[via GOOD]

Who Wants To Get Hefed Up?!

I might have to start liking to drink Hefeweizen just so I can say “let’s get hefed up“. That probably won’t happen so we could maybe start saying IPA-sted? Pale Aled?

Anyway, not bad Pyramid Brewery social media person. Not bad.

You Feelin’ This Shirt?

Haight The Marina shirts are now being seen on Long Island, New York. There’s a handful of these first-run tees in circulation right now. If you got one of them, we want to see it.

Snap a photo of yourself wearing the shirt and send it to us so we can throw it up on the blog. We’re doing a second printing of the shirt, with a hot new design, and will make sure you get an early heads up.

Baby Seal Cannoli

Delicious, and cute! Served at Club Delux in San Francisco.

MUNI Now Causing Bike Delays

In a last-ditch effort to negatively impact every form of transportation in San Francisco, MUNI is now unloading entire trains of people into the city’s bike lanes. It took me about 3 minutes longer than usual to get into work this morning due to the MUNI bike delays at Church and Duboce.

Surf Movies Were Both Radical And Inspirational In The 80’s

Next to The Endless Summer, the 1987 film North Shore may be one of the greatest surf movies ever made. This scene is classic 80’s movie; a training sequence coupled with an awesomely bad song.

If the story of a guy who learns how to surf in a swimming pool in Arizona but eventually (and rather quickly) finds himself outshredding Laird Hamilton on the North Shore of Hawaii doesn’t inspire you, then you might as well just give up.

DJ Black Smoke Crack

Anyone care to decode this one? No? OK.

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