Two New York Yankees Recently Joined Twitter, Guess Which Player Actually Tweets From Their Account

If you’re a professional athlete and decide to create a Twitter account, please do all your fans a favor and actually be the person who updates the account. No one wants to win a contest tweeted out by your publicist.

Today, two New York Yankees players joined Twitter; second baseman Robinson Cano and pitcher David Robertson. Can you guess which player actually tweets from their account?

Now I could be wrong, but there’s no way the real Robbie Cano would make his first update on Twitter some marketing ploy to gain followers by indicating future “contests” he’d be running. The real Robbie Cano would tell me how many bags of sunflower seeds he plans on going through during the game.

DRob, I’ll hang with you while you learn the Twitter ropes.

Cano, I’ll hang with you too for now. You’re one of my favorite players. But come on man start dropping some Spanish on us and post photos of Joba Chamberlain eating in the locker room before the game.

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