What Do Big Foot, A Giant Squid And Drum Circles Have In Common?

[photo via Canadian Veggie]

Before you see it, you’ll hear it. A congregation of all walks of life banging on various professional and DIY percussion instruments. I’m talking about drum circles.

Drum circles, or drum formations as they are not always circular in shape, are common in San Francisco and one seems to form at Hippie Hill everyday. I’m assuming that just about everyone has seen a drum circle in their life, but has anyone been present to witness the rare moment when one person banging on a bongo turns into twenty people drumming with ten people “dancing” on the perimeter?

Drum circles exist, so we know that the formation has to occur at some point. But it’s the series of events starting with a single drummer leading up to a full blown drum circle that seems so elusive to the human eye.

According to the photographer‘s description on the above photo:

When I sat down on Hippie Hill to read, there was only one drummer and a saxophonist. An hour later there were like 20 drummers.

Appears to be just another tale of someone who spotted a single drummer, put their head down into a book for a moment and then bam! Full on drum circle. As a point of reference, here’s a ranked list of things rarely seen:

  1. Giant squid
  2. Big Foot
  3. Formation of a drum circle

So, has anyone ever seen the formation of a drum circle?

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