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Free, A Hip New Clothing Store Opens In The Haight

You might not legally be able to sit or lie on the sidewalks in the Haight, but that’s not stoping vintage clothing entrepreneurs from opening up retail space on them. Centrally located on Waller St. (between Ashbury and Clayton) in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the paint on Free hasn’t even had a chance to dry, so don’t expect any Yelp reviews just yet.

Our first time shopping at Free was a bit underwhelming, as there was only one bag of clothing to dig through, but we’ll definitely be returning. I hear they have plans on expanding their selection to include old paperback books and used cooking utensils!

Before and After Beer

Premium lager with an honest label. Just flip the bottle.

Bike For Your Right To Party Against HIV and AIDS

Our good friend Charity is riding his single speed Mission Bicycle in the AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to advance the shared interest to end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS. In order to raise money for the ride we’re glad to help promote a happy hour fundraiser taking place tomorrow, May 26th, at The Otis Lounge on Maiden Lane in San Francisco.

If you want to support a great cause, please join us tomorrow for drinks and a good time from 6-8:30 PM. Charity will be riding this bike (see below) almost 600 miles without any gears. Respect that, and respect the cause.

Where: The Otis Lounge, 25 Maiden Lane, San Francisco, CA
When: Thursday, May 26 from 6-8:30 PM
Why: Support for the AIDS/LifeCycle

Facebook Fundraiser Event page:

If you can not attend, please consider making a donation online:

Bike Lanes Don’t Make A City Bike Friendly

I recently returned from Europe with an entirely new perspective on bicycle culture. Having spent years riding my bike in San Francisco, with its numerous bike lanes and avid cyclists, I had this perception that I was riding around one of the most bike friendly cities on the globe. After seeing how bikes are utilized and respected in metropolitan areas throughout Europe, I’ve realized just how backwards the U.S. is in terms of bike culture compared to other areas of the world.

Like in the U.S., bike lanes exist in many European cities, with places like Munich even having separated bike thoroughfares. But it’s the overall harmony between bikes and cars moving together in traffic across Europe that made the bike culture there seem so different from the fractured bike culture in the States. Bright green bike lines are fantastic, but they more or less exist in the U.S. to remind thoughtless drivers that there are bikes on the road and you shouldn’t run them over.

[photo borrowed from Mission Mission]

Bike sharing (shown below) was common in every city I visited – London, Paris, Brussels and Munich. While bike sharing is starting to see adoption in certain U.S. cities, like with Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare, it just doesn’t seem to be hitting a critical mass.

In Europe I witnessed businessmen and college students weaving in and out of traffic on their bicycles without being honked at by drivers in cars. There seemed to be this understanding that the nature of bikes in a city was one of slow pace and ease of maneuverability. In the U.S. drivers seem to love laying on their horns alerting cyclists that that they could easily have ran them over if they hadn’t decided to take their foot off the gas pedal.

Oh, and no one on a bike in Europe was wearing a helmet. It didn’t seem reckless at all, it just seemed unnecessary given the bike culture they were used to.

Hacky Sack Is Back

Matched up in a perpetual battle against rollerblading for early ’90s trends that refuse to go away, hacky sack remains very relevant in San Francisco. I know what you’re thinking, hacky sack is back but was it ever really gone?

I captured this session of foot poetry down at hippie hill.

Real Talk On European Cigarettes


In case you didn’t get the memo, packs of cigs in Europe drop some knowledge on you. Real talk.

London Has Ample Wheelchair Parking

London, a city with hundreds of years worth of history, leading the charge in public wheelchair parking.

Two New York Yankees Recently Joined Twitter, Guess Which Player Actually Tweets From Their Account

If you’re a professional athlete and decide to create a Twitter account, please do all your fans a favor and actually be the person who updates the account. No one wants to win a contest tweeted out by your publicist.

Today, two New York Yankees players joined Twitter; second baseman Robinson Cano and pitcher David Robertson. Can you guess which player actually tweets from their account?

Now I could be wrong, but there’s no way the real Robbie Cano would make his first update on Twitter some marketing ploy to gain followers by indicating future “contests” he’d be running. The real Robbie Cano would tell me how many bags of sunflower seeds he plans on going through during the game.

DRob, I’ll hang with you while you learn the Twitter ropes.

Cano, I’ll hang with you too for now. You’re one of my favorite players. But come on man start dropping some Spanish on us and post photos of Joba Chamberlain eating in the locker room before the game.

Driver Makes A Splash At Long Island Car Show

After what sounds like an unsuccessful attempt at ghost riding a whip, this car “accelerated across a parking lot and into the water near the docks at Captree State Park” during a car show on Long Island. The driver, who jumped into the car after it started moving, tried to stop it without any luck. According to the Long Island Press:

…[the] car hit several motorcycles, a parked car and launched about 8 feet into the air before hitting the water. No one was injured.

Just know that no matter how bad you thought your Monday was, this guy’s was ten times worse.

[thanks to cmadey for the heads up]

With America Safe Again, Derek Jeter Goes Back To Work

Since the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden, perennial All-Star Derek Jeter has been back to his old self. In the last six games, the captain has hit .393, raising his average 34 points from .242 to .276.

Is it a coincidence that Jeter has been on a tear since the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was killed? Doubt it. Was Jeter somehow helping Obama and the U.S. track down bin Laden, taking his focus away from baseball? Most likely, he’s an American hero.

Before last Monday’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Jeter was heard in the dugout telling teammates “Let’s Roll”.

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