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Hippie Chips

Hippie Chips. Chips for hippies…or the upwardly mobile who refuse to purchase a normal bag of RUFFLES. Anyone have a clue why they misspelled Ashbury?

“Weekend at Bernie’s” Provides Inspiration For Hot New Dance Craze

Movin’ like Bernie! Inspired by the 1980’s movie Weekend at Bernie’s, this dance craze is sure to make happy anyone who was never properly taught how to Dougie.

Thanks to moesch for showing us how to move like Bernie.

It’s Crawfish Season In New Orleans

Not only are crawfish delicious, but they also make attractive fence ornaments.

[Crawfish head on fence, a photo by cmadey @ Trash of New Orleans]

The Yankee Stadium Skate Park

With the new Yankee Stadium in its third season we’re starting to see the positive changes being made to the surrounding neighborhood. One of the first completed projects is a new concerte skate park. The Mullaly Skate Park is located in the Bronx at East 164th Street and Jerome & River Aves.

Every time I head into the Bronx for a game I walk passed the skate park. I’m a big believer in this kind of public use of space. Instead of paving a parking lot or constructing an apartment building, you give a communtiy a gathering place – an outlet for positive activity.

Getting Barreled In An Indonesian River

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

Ripcurl published this incredible footage from their highly anticipated video, Seven Ghosts, which showcases a handful of surfers riding a tidal bore occurring on a river in Indonesia.

tidal bore “is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay’s current.”

About Seven Ghosts, from Ripcurl:

When the first pulses of the tidal bore showed, Bruno Santos (BRA), Dean Brady (AUS), Tyler Larronde (FRA), Oney Anwar (IND) and original Searcher Tom Curren (USA) were there to greet the chocolate barrels of the Seven Ghosts. Witness the greatest river bore tubes ever surfed.

Northeast Spring Skiing

It was time to put my bad knee behind me. I had already gotten back in the water after taking a year off from surfing, and it had been just as long since I skied down a mountain, so it was time. After a winter of snow storms that dumped foot upon foot of snow in the northeast, I waited until April 9th to make my first visit to a mountain.

Ski Plattekill in Roxbury, New York, had 31 trails open this late in April, with a solid snow base and 60 degree weather. As I took my first run I remembered how much I enjoyed skiing and instantly regretted waiting until the last ski weekend of the year to get back into it.

Plattekill is closed for the season now, but they do allow you to hike up the mountain and ski the remaining snow on the upper parts. In two weeks I’ll be strapping my skies to my back and hiking up.

Nobody Uses Craigslist To Find Apartments In Texas

Arlington, Texas is truly the land before time when it comes to trying to find a place to live. People there don’t use Craigslist to find apartments, they thumb through these Apartment Guides found in racks outside grocery stores. Can you believe this? I’m just imagining the types of listings in these things:

Two bedroom apartment with one large, sunny bedroom available for rent. Big closets, and your chances of getting this apartment improve if you have a sweet laser disc collection

Thanks to Greg for sharing his moving journey with us.

Car Washing Music

A lot of you might refer to bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Bob Seger as being classic rock music, but more appropriately I believe they should be bucketed into a new genre, from here on out known as car washing music. Basically, this is the type of music that you can wash a quality American made car to.

Not limited to, but including, is a list of bands I feel fall into the car washing genre:

  • Bob Seger
  • The Eagles
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Tom Petty
  • Jackson Brown
  • Dog Shit, “Only In A Jeep”

    I guess if you almost run over a dog walker in your Jeep, you should expect this classic dog walker prank: Bag of poop on your windshield wiper.

    Mexican Pointy Boots And Morrissey, Imagine The Possibilities

    When I sent this video I saw about Mexican pointy boots to my friend Stephen he immediately responded by sending me this video along with the note, “Imagine the possibilities”. So, watch in order and imagine the possibilities.

    Here’s the video I sent to Stephen:

    And here’s the video Stephen sent to me after watching Mexican Pointy Boots:

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