Fire Island Shipwreck

[photo via OB local James Mallot]

The ocean said “no thank you” to this boat.

I don’t know the story behind why this boat washed ashore on Fire Island, but what a shot! With the overcast skies, this photo has me thinking that some crazy Goonies-esque adventure just happened, with the end result being someone’s sailing skills getting called into question by a bunch of people who have never stepped foot on a boat.

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  1. This ship was built by my stepson about 30 yeas ago. He spent many hours working on the steel ship he loved so much. He and his wife lived on the ship and made many voyages all over the world. She was sold when our son decided she was becoming more than he could keep up with. Most of our family members have sailed in one part of the World or another. You were correct in thinking some thoughtless, inexperienced persons tried to handle her. She had a mind of her own, and rebelled.



  2. Mary,
    Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like this boat has been through some awesome voyages. If you have any pictures of the boat we would love to put then on the site.



  3. Chris, I was glad to see your reply, I have been away so wasn’t able to answer you immediately. If you search for, You may see a picture of the boat under sail and some more information. Nautical Knotts is a jewelry business my son and daughter-in-law started on the ship, and she is still making and selling the pieces, even though they no longer own the ship. I hope you are successful.




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