The Gilgo Beach Underpass Mural

The underpass at Gilgo beach has been painted over the past few years, creating a working mural with bright colorful beach related images. The artists took a faceless concrete wall and made it into something special for Gilgo. And the fact that no one has spray painted over any part of the mural makes me think that everyone enjoys the artwork.

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  1. I remember the first couple times walking through there of feeling like I was in California. I had never been to California at the time, but I figured this was EXACTLY how it had to be there. It’s of course best to check the surf from the dunes, but I always enjoyed sprinting through the tunnel on the way to a pre-work dawn patrol back when I used to surf more on the western side. Ah, damn you present cubicle.



  2. The Gilgo mural looks awesome! The underwater perspective of the surfer waiting for a wave is my favorite. I also like that there is zero negativity to it, like “locals only” or “no kooks” scribbled somewhere.



  3. […] while back we wrote a post on the art project going on at the Gilgo Beach tunnel. I’m a big fan of this project and was glad to see they’ve done some recent updates to […]




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