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San Francisco Sidewalk Public Service Announcement

This message is brought to you by some dirtbag in the Haight. What kind of person sees wet cement and this pops into their head?

Single Speed Bicycle Graffiti

Not even the bicycle artwork in San Francisco has gears. Seen on The Wiggle at Waller and Pierce.

San Francisco Architecture Preserved With ‘Magic Garage Door’ In The Haight

[via Beausoleil Architects]

Maneuvering around the mandates of the city planning department and creating a unique structural design, Beausoleil Architects helped preserve the historic architecture of this Haight-Ashbury home. From Curbed SF:

Corey McMills, who’s got a background in mechanical engineering, thought of an idea to covert the walls of the bay window into door panels that would fold into the garage space to allow cars to enter. The planning department accepted it. McMills Construction teamed up with Beausoleil Architects to help with the details.

The garage allows parking for up to four cars, which is roughly enough space for 40 bicycles (see what I did there).

California Doesn’t Suck, and Happy Earth Day

Just a friendly reminder…

Dandelion Coffee Cup Art

Hand stamped at Darwin (212 Rich street) and filled with de la paz coffee. You don’t get more San Francisco than this.

Dirty Jerz Gets Epic Springtime Swell

[photo by Guagliardo]

[photo by Mike Incitti]

The dangerous weather that caused devastating tornados to touch down in the Southeast this past week also generated an epic swell for much of the east coast. Surfline posted some great shots of the surf along with commentary from a few of the lucky people who got to ride the choice spring waves.

Red White and Blue Jerry Garcia

Patriotically stealing your face. This is a recent addition to the stencil artwork on the sidewalk outside of the Grateful Dead house on Ashbury Street. There’s been a bunch of cool Jerry Garcia street art showing up around the Haight lately.

Cleverly Named San Francisco Co-op Seeks Housemates, Hella Bad Dancers Need Not Apply

If you excel at having fun and are hella good at dancing, you just might have a chance of becoming the next housemate at San Francisco’s most cleverly named cooperative, the Baker’s Dozen.

The application process seems rigorous, so bring your A game.

Drunk Boat Thief Runs Aground On Ocean Beach

[photo via]

Wow! Sometimes the paddle in from Ocean Beach can be tough on a surfboard. Can’t believe this guy managed it on a boat. According to my local news, KTVU:

A parolee with a no-bail warrant was taken into custody Friday morning after authorities found him on a stolen boat that had run around on Ocean Beach.

Just goes to show you that Ocean Beach is nothing to mess with. This guy managed to drive the boat all the way from Vallejo without any problems, and then boom – Ocean Beach takes him down!

Jones Beach Water Tower, Long Island Landmark Gets Restored

After sitting on the demolition chopping block due to deterioration and the high cost of repare, the Jones Beach water tower was spared from being dismantled and instead received a much needed facelift. The Long Island landmark was refurbished this past year. Water damaged bricks and the tower’s aging copper top were replaced.

I drive passed the Jones Beach water tower on a regular basis, and it’s great to see that this icon of the Long Island coastline was rebuilt and not forgotten. This could have been a major loss.

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