San Francisco Bar Sells The Most Chartreuse In The World

Chartreuse is a delicious green (or yellow) liqueur that’s been made by the Charthusian Monks since the 1700s. And it appears that the patrons who frequent the 540 Club in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district love them some Chartreuse, as the bar goes through 1,200 bottles per year. The 540 Club is listed on the Chartreuse website for being the bar that sells “the largest number of bottles of¬†Chartreuse Liqueur in the world“.

Disclaimer: While I love Chartreuse, I haven’t walked through the doors of the 540 Club for over a year since I was wrongfully eighty-sixed for the night after being accused of “passing back” my ID to a minor. Ok, that felt better.

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  1. Down in Austin last week I had a Mexican hot chocolate w/ Chartreuse. Sounds odd, but it was bommmmmmmmmb.



    1. if the weather in SF didn’t just switch over to summer, I would have made one of those – sounds delicious. instead i’ll have it chilled




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