Before The San Francisco Giants Were Good, There Was Crazy Crab

It’s always easier to blame someone else when things go wrong. And before the Giants had bearded relievers and long haired freaky people with cannons for arms winning them a World Series, they blamed Crazy Crab.

During the 1984 season, a forgettable period of time for Giants fans who saw their club lose 96 games, Crazy Crab was the “anti-mascot” who got brought out on the field to rile up the crowd when the Giants were getting pounded. And by “rile up” I mean throw beer bottles at. According to Wikipedia, “Crazy Crab’s suit had to be reinforced with a fiberglass shell for protection.”

Luckily, a group of what I would consider smart people started a petition to bring back Crazy Crab. You can check out Rehab The Crab for more info and schwag on the crab.

And apparently the work of Rehab The Crab paid off, as Crazy Crab has returned once each year since 2008! I can’t wait to throw my plastic glass of Pinot noir on Crazy Crab at whatever game he’s coming out to this season.

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  1. Throwing beer bottles/Pinot noir glasses at Crazy Crab in San Francisco seems a much better Man Skill than torching cars in Vancouver BC. The latter seems a bit—oh, how can I put this nicely?—infantile.
    Jus’ sayin’!




    Before The San Francisco Giants Were Good, There Was Crazy Crab | Ice Tubes




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