Biking In The Suburbs Is Frightening

[photo via moppet65535]

If you’ve ever considered going to Spain for the running of the bulls, may I suggest the closer and less expensive option of taking the train to Foster City and riding your bike along Hillsdale Blvd. I’d imagine the danger and adrenaline levels being pretty much equal for both events.

Recently I had the pleasure of riding my bike in the San Francisco suburbs, and I now promise to never again complain about the problems of bikes vs. cars in the city (well maybe, but probably not). Despite most of my grievances about drivers, it’s cars that really take a back seat to bikes when it comes to ‘owning’ the road in the city. This is not so much the case for the suburbs.

You see, there are no bike lanes on Hillsdale Blvd. between the Caltrain station and Hwy. 101. There are only sidewalks and dangerously narrow shoulders to navigate.

Riding along the shoulder of a heavily trafficked suburban road is like trying to walk a tightrope covered in sand and broken glass while trucks goes whizzing by you. Each time a car or truck passes, you just sort of shake your head in amazement that you didn’t get hit.

And there’s also nothing quite like the feeling of posting up on your bike in the turning lane in front of a line of 15 cars that are waiting to make a left at a four-way stop during peak morning commute hours. It’s a wild scene, man.

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  1. Welcome to my world! Shit is real son!




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