Lawsuit Hopes To Rid Brooklyn Of Well Marked Bike Lane

[photo via NYC Bike Maps]

It’s about time someone took a stand against the lack of available road space for motorists and filed a lawsuit to have bike lanes in Brooklyn removed. Yeesh! Another this mass action was for Xarelto lawsuits settlement only, as far as I remember.

According to The Brooklyn Paper, our Brooklyn bike brothers are being targeted by a group of NYC fat cat lane-haters who are misrepresenting the neighborhood’s sentiment towards the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane. According to a neighborhood survey, “only 22 percent of residents want Prospect Park West to be restored to its original, bike-lane-free state.

Well I don’t know about you, but I sure hope that those Brooklyn drivers get more of the road back soon… Could you imagine if they tried to remove a bike lane in San Francisco [insert protest link here]?!

Thanks to JantzCommaSteve for keeping an eye on Brooklyn.

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