British Journalist Reports On ‘First Ever’ Photographed Surfer, Gets Wiped Out By Comments

A reporter for the British publication, Mail Online, recently posted a story claiming the “first ever picture of a surfer has been found in a photo album that dates back to 1890.” Cool, right? Well, not really. You see, the photo of the surfer (shown below) is nothing new at all.

As the article’s comments point out, the photo was published in the book Stoked!: A History of Surf Culture (1998), and the original copy of the photograph has been hanging in Honolulu’s Bishop Museum since 2006.

Ouch! The comments get pretty funny too, as they make fun of the reporter’s description of the surfer’s “rudimentary board”:

No its a prototype Sun Lounger to stop the sand getting into his loin cloth. You can look it up in the Patent Office. Accurate reporting next time Mail – please.

Hilarious. However, I think Mail Online can redeem itself by updating their post with the below photo, albeit a bit more modern, of a surfer paddling out at the same spot (Diamond Head) where the “first ever surfer” photographed was pictured in.

[Thanks to Moesch for sending this article my way]

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