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Ice Tubes Blog Song

We sent a haight the marina t-shirt to our good friend and musician, Mike Molaro, and in return he sent us this toe-tapping Ice Tubes anthem. It’s incredible, thanks Mike!

Mike Molaro plays regular gigs in Austin, Texas and we highly recommend checking him out. He frequented the local coffee shops in San Francisco back in the day, and his latest album, Try Swimming, is available on iTunes.

Available For Valet Shifts, Call 555-RICK

When I walked out to my car last Sunday morning I noticed that my neighbor had quite the Saturday night. Using my detective skills, I concluded that he had his car shot at (bullet hole in windshield) and then proceeded to crash into either a tree or the Incredible Hulk. Amazingly, he was able to drive home and successfully parallel park without hitting my car.

Not that it’s going to help his Kelley Blue Book value any, but at least he’s keeping his car smelling good with a pine tree air freshener.

What’s The Deal With Californians Referring To The East Coast As “Back East”

I love when California natives refer to anything east of the Mississippi as “back east”. Did you all make some crazy pioneer journey over the Rockies that I don’t know about?

A Sea Of Seeds

Sunflower Seeds from The Unilever Series: A Weiwei at Tate Modern.

[photos via Ciji]

San Francisco Bar Sells The Most Chartreuse In The World

Chartreuse is a delicious green (or yellow) liqueur that’s been made by the Charthusian Monks since the 1700s. And it appears that the patrons who frequent the 540 Club in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district love them some Chartreuse, as the bar goes through 1,200 bottles per year. The 540 Club is listed on the Chartreuse website for being the bar that sells “the largest number of bottles of Chartreuse Liqueur in the world“.

Disclaimer: While I love Chartreuse, I haven’t walked through the doors of the 540 Club for over a year since I was wrongfully eighty-sixed for the night after being accused of “passing back” my ID to a minor. Ok, that felt better.

Circa 1998

13 years ago I was all about spring suits and longboards. Some beach (most likely Robert Moses) on Long Island in the early fall.

Slow Motion Surfing

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

One time this surfer down in Santa Cruz told me waves were canvases and that surfing them was the equivalent to painting on a canvas. Enjoy the video!

New York Has Drastic Springtime Weather

[photo via Doug’s mom]

Wake up to snow. Eat lunch outside.

These photos were taken five hours apart on March 24th on Long Island, New York.

Peanut Butter And Bacon Sandwich

Years before the Internet blew up in a bacon craze, my mother used to pack these peanut butter and bacon sandwiches in my lunch for school. Had one this past weekend – still delicious! If you haven’t tried a PB&B yet, I highly recommend having one.

Little Jerry Garcia Street Art

This is some really fresh “little” Jerry Garcia street art in the Haight. Barely walked on yet, and all tucked away in his corner of the sidewalk. It’s on Ashbury at Haight, of course.

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