Mavericks Doesn’t Always Break, But It’s Awesome When It Does

Come Monday, the 2011 Mavericks surf contest will officially be a wash out. The big wave event has been cancelled due to poor conditions four times since its premier in 1999, but when the swell is there it’s an awesome scene. Below are a few shots we took from the 2008 contest. Most of these are not looking directly at the lineup, but they’re a good indication of just how massive it gets.

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  1. The contest got rick roll’d this year? What’s the window for it ? Nov. – february? I ran into anthony tashnick about a week after he won… 2005? I can’t remember. Sweet pics though



    1. I think the contest window was shorter this year compared to previous years – December 1 to February 28. Used to go ’till the end of March, I believe.




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