Washington D.C.’s Newest Landmark Is A Bicycle Transit Center

Washington D.C. has another landmark to add to its list of notable buildings, which now includes the Bicycle Tranist Center.

The center, designed by KGP design studio, acts as a garage of sorts for the bicycle community and tourists that frequent the District’s streets on bike. According to designboom, the Bicycle Transit Center:

is located outside of washington’s union station is designed to be a highly visible catalyst in the promotion of bicycle use. the enclosure is strategically placed between two turn-of-the-century landmarks – union station and the post office – to meet the needs of thousands of tourists and commuters who pass through the transportation hub on a daily basis.

Not only is the structure practical, it’s also visually appealing outside and in.

The amount of public space that is saved when constructing one bicycle transit center compared to your standard parking facility is huge. Check out the below example.

[All photos courtesy of KBP design studio and designboom]

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  1. not directly related, but another effort in getting DC to be more bike friendly…




    1. bike sharing is a cool idea but I wonder how popular they are. I wouldn’t want to rent a bike each day, have to adjust my seat post, hope there is air in the tires or that one isn’t flat… seems like a lot to get past in my opinion, but it’s cool nonetheless.




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