Critical Commute, Can We Make Market Street Completely Car-Free?

Granted the Bay Area has been experiencing some incredible weather this winter and more people may be taking advantage and riding their bikes to work, but lately my daily morning commute has pretty much turned into a mini Critical Mass.

I’ve got around 10 bikes ahead of me here and another 5 bikes behind me. While I did snap this photo during peak commuting hours (8am-9am), the overall volume of cyclists on Market Street seems to be increasing. Is it time to make Market Street – from Octavia to the Embarcadero – open to MUNI and cyclists only?

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  1. Didn’t anyone teach you west coasters about pacelines? So much wasted energy in that photo.



  2. […] buddy Ed Jovi was appalled at the photo I recently posted showing my morning bike commute on Market Street, which resembled a mini SF Critical Mass. Given the amount of bike commuters on Market Street in […]




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