Surfing Ocean Beach San Francisco Appears Less Frightening In Slideshow

The Richmond Blog posted this slideshow of surf photos taken at Ocean Beach San Francisco. It’s an awesome compilation of surf shots, but I’ve taken enough crushing blows while surfing Ocean Beach to know that it’s much more daunting than this sweet little slideshow makes it seem. That is part of Ocean Beach’s charm, though.

SORRY: You can’t watch the video here on Ice Tubes, but it’s good to go on YouTube.

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  1. What makes the paddle so bad? Is it better at certain tides? Is it just deep enough where you cant stand but still produces rollers?



    1. Ocean Beach has some of the strongest currents you’ll ever experience. It’s situated where the Pacific Ocean enters the San Francisco Bay, and always seems to be in constant movement. It’s miles of beach break so there’s now ideal point to paddle out, but there are some rips that can be beneficial. Also, the water temps remain in the 50s year round, and there’s always the threat sharks.

      Having said all that, it’s still a fun spot – albeit slightly intimidating scary.




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