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Mavericks Doesn’t Always Break, But It’s Awesome When It Does

Come Monday, the 2011 Mavericks surf contest will officially be a wash out. The big wave event has been cancelled due to poor conditions four times since its premier in 1999, but when the swell is there it’s an awesome scene. Below are a few shots we took from the 2008 contest. Most of these are not looking directly at the lineup, but they’re a good indication of just how massive it gets.

Someone Got Their Bike Sawed In Half In The Castro Last Night

[Photo via JMWGuy]

Looks more like they got their bike blown up in half, but either way it’s still a bummer. Sorry dude.

Back In The Water

For the past year and a half I have been recovering from ACL surgery waiting for the day when my knee would be healthy enough so I could surf again. Well, today my knee felt pretty good and the ACL should be completely healed by now, so I decided it was time to test it out.

I had been watching the surf reports all winter, and every time a swell came through it was always just a little bit too big or too cold for me to really want to head out for my “return” session. But today the weather and waves were in my favor. It was sunny and in the low 40’s with clean waist high waves. I only managed three waves, but they felt great (and the knee held together).

Gilgo Beach, NY. February 26, 2011

Getting Crunchy With Homemade Kombucha

Back in November I had some kombucha knowledge dropped on me by a buddy, and ever since then I’ve been brewing it myself at home. Kombucha is a fermented tea with a laundry list of “benefits”, most which are probably just psychological, but who really cares.

The other day a friend asked me to write out directions for how to make your own kombucha. This wasn’t the first request I’ve gotten, so I decided to publish the how to as a Google Doc so anyone can have access. My simple instructions are now available on the Internet, so there’s no excuse not to get crunchy.

DIY Panhandle Bike Parking

Tired of waiting for bike racks in the panhandle, some forward thinking area bike rider said, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live” and installed their own. BIKE NOPA had the below to say, and provided more thoughts on the DIY project here:

Impatient for the official, authorized bike racks to be installed in the Panhandle Park, one of BIKE NOPA‘s readers decided to provide secure parking for himself and any of the other thousands of bicyclists who use the Panhandle Path in the interim. Yes, the bulletin board posts are public property, but instead of any admonition, how about saluting the public spiritedness of the stealthy bike parker?

Luckily I live close enough to the Panhandle to just walk to the basketball courts to get my game on.

“Facemail”, Facebook Email

Well dude, there you have it. Facebook is giving users personalized email addresses. Your Facebook profile becomes the first part of your email handle.

You receive Facebook messages that can be sent via email (or text) that look like the below:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Head

This is only cool because I wasn’t trying to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a silhouette of a person’s head. If I had bitten the pointy part (the hat brim?) off it could have really resembled Abraham Lincoln.

Banksy Transforms A Restaurant Window In Los Angeles

Is the image of a woman holding kabobs on the front window of a Sherman Oaks restaurant the work of Banksy? The street artist’s stuff has been showing up throughout Los Angeles as of late, and El Katracho is a pretty popular restaurant. Anyone know if Banksy likes Honduran food?

No Shoes Required On Air BART

Nothing welcomes you back home to the Bay Area quite like some dude who refuses to conform to society’s shoe wearing norms.

Surfing The Chillwave Of Native American Culture

I’m not really sure why, but it seems like the Native American culture is making a big impact on today’s pop culture – rock stars are weaving feathers into their hair, we’re getting hit by Neon Indian’s chillwave, and now my surfboard fin is adorned with an image of a stoic Native American.

My new fin is made by Captain Fin, and I picked it up the other day at Saturdays NYC Surf. Captain Fin makes a great line of fins with fun shapes and cool graphics. I can’t wait to put this one on and try it out.

Unfortunately, that groundhog really let me down with all that “early spring” talk. It’s an other day on Long Island with a fresh 2″ of snow on the ground.

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