How To Use A Skateboard Security Rack

San Francisco is a progressive city. The recent supporting fact for that statement is the availability of skateboard security racks located side-by-side with bicycle racks and cars in our city’s parking lots.

Now I’ve only seen one skateboard rack in the city (the one above hangs in the Koret Center parking lot at the University of San Francisco) and I must admit I had no idea how you would go about locking your board up to this thing. So I Googled the Internet and found a company that makes these “skateboard security racks”. The image below shows how you can safely lock up your board.

Would any skaters out there use a rack to lock their boards up?

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  1. That is the craziest thing Ive ever seen. Is that at a mall?



    1. It’s at a gym. I just noticed it, and I’m doubtful that it ever gets used…



  2. We are seeing these more and more now… I work for a company in Australia called Encat and we actually make a variation of this skateboard rack. We sell them to libraries, schools, universities and shopping centers.

    Check it out at

    It also hold scooters!!!




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