One Victim Identified In Long Island’s Serial Killer Case

Desolate in the winter, Gilgo Beach, our home surf break (pictured below and included within the Ice Tubes header) drew media attention in the latter part of 2010 when four women’s bodies were found among the beach grass on the side of the road, presumably the work of a serial killer dubbed by Ice Tubes as the “Burlap Sacker“.

NOT the "Burlap Sacker"

According to The New York Times, one of the victims was “identified by Suffolk County officials on Wednesday as Megan Waterman, a Maine woman who had been missing since the spring.” Waterman posted ads on Craigslist offering her services as an “escort”.

The New York Times article had an accurate depiction of what Gilgo looks like during winter, saying:

the parking lot was empty except for two vehicles filled with surfers, who were later seen walking along Ocean Parkway. The highway, a faded strip of blacktop that connects a series of barrier beaches, is desolate in wintertime, a wind-swept landscape of sand dunes, the Atlantic Ocean and ice-covered marshland.

Here’s a picture to paint those words.

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