San Francisco’s Pretentious Porta Potties

Don’t you think the porta potties in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood in the Outer Richmond are way too “hey, look at me”?

I was on a bike ride that would bring me thru Sea Cliff, and I had to pull a U-turn after seeing this porta potty in between 24th & 25th on Lake Street.

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  2. i took a uturn in pacific heights- green st? by lombard gate. same reaction WTF? only in sf or my ma’s front yard in pasadena would we see lattice on their porta potty- gotta love it. you beat me to it. i don’t have a blog, but, this was a must, so, thanks for capturing this absurdity!



    1. thanks Kathleen. you should start a blog to capture the absurdity too. maybe there’s some type of code or regulation for Sea Cliff and Pac Heights that says you have to put these types of “covers” on porta potties. have you ever seen a photo of a McDonald’s in the Hamptons? they look like million dollar homes…




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