Snow On The Beach

No one shovels the wooden boardwalks leading to the Fire Island Lighthouse, but it remains open year round. I took a walk there yesterday with a camera phone.

Frozen beach grass.

Frozen driftwood. According to my brother, who was clam digging here in August, this piece of driftwood hasn’t moved since the summer. Crazy to think that only four months ago this water was warm enough to swim in.

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  1. Does anyone know the years that the Great South Bay has frozen. I remember the early 80s but that’s it.



    1. Tim, I was searching to see if I could find info on what years the Great South Bay froze over and stumbled across a NYT article from January 1888 (yup) which noted how the bay was completely frozen that winter. It was an interesting article, and lead me to write the following post which I just published:

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      P.S. – I recall the Great South Bay freezing (not entirely) in the late 90s by the Robert Moses bridge.




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