Time To Lace Up Your Ice Skates

When the bay starts to freeze over you know it’s cold outside. The water surrounding the dock pilings at Gilgo Beach has a thin layer of ice on top of it, and if this cold weather continues like it has we can forget about surfing and start thinking about ice skating.

Update: Reader Bill dropped this comment showing a similar photo of what the bay looks like during summer. West coast people, these are “seasons”.

[via @bmiltenberg]

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  1. It seems like it’s gone way to quick. I like the pic Bill.



  2. Looks like the perfect day for the “Burlap Sacker” to sack another victim



    1. Wow I forgot that the Burlap Sacker was still on the loose. @chrismadey you’re kind of crazy for showing up to the Burlap Sackers preferred body dumping place and taking a photo!

      Burlap Sacker: “Hey there, what are you doing?”
      Chris: “Taking a photo of the frozen bay. You?”
      Burlap Sacker: “Just dumping this hooker’s body in the dunes…”




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