Sand In The Tub

For a lot of money you can rent a pretty small apartment in San Francisco.

The lack of space that comes with city living makes it difficult for a surfer to find a place to dry their wetsuit. If you don’t have access to a deck or you’re afraid the wetsuit might get blown off the fire escape, I’ve found the shower to always be a practical option.

City surfers got to adapt.

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  1. Got to use a plastic hanger! Or those crazy new drying contraptions, but yes, bathtub it still the only viable option in the Northeast too.



    1. I’m thinking the Northeast is a different story all together come winter time. In San Francisco you at least have the option of air drying on the fire escape, as it never really dips below 50 degrees.



  2. Hey, little brother remember to turn your wetsuit inside out. That is how we do it in the Northeast. Don’t forget your roots it is more important to be dry on the inside.



  3. Great too because you can rinse then hang to dry.
    You know a clean suit will last longer,
    and they are not getting cheaper!




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