Turns Out The Television Show “Frasier” Is Actually Pretty Funny

The shadow of Seinfeld is a cold place to stand if you’re a television show, but that’s exactly where the brothers Crane stood for so many years as Fraiser played the role of redheaded sitcom stepchild.

However, syndication has made all the difference for me as I’ve come to realize the show doesn’t suck. Boil it down and Frasier is just a show about a divorced guy with a high class drinking problem who hooks up with lots of chicks. Throw in a couple of jokes about living in Seattle and that’s pretty much the recipe for funny.

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  1. My favorite ep is when they tear up their old summer vacation house and get the landlord charged with murder when they find a human skull. But it turns out to just be a prop from their amateur production of Hamlet when they were 14. Hysterical



  2. I learned nearly everything I know about being pompous AND pretentious from Frasier. I guess I can thank my Theatre Degree (Theatre is way more pompous and pretentious than Theater) to the Crane family, mostly Niles




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