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San Francisco’s Pretentious Porta Potties

Don’t you think the porta potties in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood in the Outer Richmond are way too “hey, look at me”?

I was on a bike ride that would bring me thru Sea Cliff, and I had to pull a U-turn after seeing this porta potty in between 24th & 25th on Lake Street.


christopher madey

Foursquare pop art.

Snow On The Beach

No one shovels the wooden boardwalks leading to the Fire Island Lighthouse, but it remains open year round. I took a walk there yesterday with a camera phone.

Frozen beach grass.

Frozen driftwood. According to my brother, who was clam digging here in August, this piece of driftwood hasn’t moved since the summer. Crazy to think that only four months ago this water was warm enough to swim in.

An Orange Cat

Shreveport sushi restaurant, Sushi Gen, shows us that it’s fun to play with your food.


Sailboats docked onshore on Long Island following the blizzard that hit the east coast this week.

Unknown Surfer

“Unknown Surfer” [Oil on canvas]. This reminds me of The Starry Night redone as a surfer inside the barrel.

[via Madey Gaga]

Gingerbread Superdome

Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel displayed this gingerbread version of the Louisiana Superdome.

Deer Rodeo

Lighthouse Ale, the official beer of the Fire Island Deer Rodeo.

Selling Hot Dogs In Winter

The business of selling hot dogs out of a truck takes a hit during winter months.

The proprietor of this hot dog truck is just trying to make a living, so if you’re near Bay Shore, NY why not stop by for an all-beef Sabrett frankfurter.

The First Long Islanders

A photo of a photo from John A. Strong’s book, “The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island.” Just imagine, these original Long Islanders knew nothing of Billy Joel or calling WFAN to complain about the Mets. Lacrosse, however, still huge.

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