Give Thanks And Don’t Shave

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season, but it also marks day one of an annual winter beard growing contest between me and my brothers. A lot has happened since last year’s contest, but roughly 335 days of having to shave one’s face to conform with society’s norms has left us hungry to drop the stupid vanity on this Thursday, November 25th and leave the razors unused inside the medicine cabinets until Christmas Eve.

The participants:

[1] Greg: The oldest.
[2] Chris: The manliest (surfing in the snow, tearing ACLs, etc.).
[3] Doug: Last year’s winner.
[4] Willie: Still can’t grow a beard.

Here’s a holiday card/puzzle from past year’s contests to keep you interested/give you nightmares until the next update.

View All

One Comment

  1. Not sure if the descriptions are entirely accurate. First, who pronounced Doug the winner last year. Second, although I am the oldest, I think there are more specific ways to describe me that my younger brother has ignored. Father, lawyer, triathlete, husband. Just a few things that only apply to me. Happy Thanksgiving!




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