The New York Jets Are Depleting Your Team

Our beloved New York Jets are an AFC East leading 7-2. While they may be one of the luckiest teams in the league, they are getting a good deal of respect from the teams they play each week. After most teams play the Jets (and lose) they seem to be depleted for the following week’s game. The record for teams after playing the Jets this year is a humble 3-5.

After losing to the Jets, the following teams did this:

  • New England barely beat Buffalo (1-8)
  • Minnesota barely beat Dallas (2-7)
  • Baltimore lost to Cincinnati (2-7)
  • *Green Bay is the only team with a good win

Teams are throwing everything they have at the Jets. Good chance the Browns get destroyed by the Jaguars this week, so call your bookie.

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  1. But the real question is…do you like the Jets -7?



    1. no, we like to keep things close



    2. Too early to call. I need to know if the Jets are wearing their all white uniforms. Once that is announced Vegas will change that spread by 4 points.



  2. Interesting, but how does this compare to other teams defeated by opponents with superior records? And please show your work.




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