Recycling An Old Surfboard

The first surfboard I had custom made for myself was a 10′ longboard. When I got the board I loved it, but it’s been some years now and since then my longboard has been rotting away in the garage. The board’s not getting used anymore, but it was my first board ever and it’s 10 feet long so it’s not easy to just throw out, so I’m going to try to bring it back to life. I started by striping off all the fiberglass and shaving it down to a “clean” foam blank. If I can get it into a nice shape I’ll reglass it and hopefully a new board will come from this project.

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  1. Chris, Let me know how it goes I want to see the progress, thinking about getting a fresh blank if you have any interest. Let me know how your project goes great way to make use of an old board. By the way how was the surface when the glass came off?
    Good Luck



  2. dumpsters for rent

    Recycling An Old Surfboard | Ice Tubes




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