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Recycled Bicycle Wheels Make Awesome Christmas Trees

Australia’s version of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree stands around 20-feet tall and is made entirely of recycled bicycle wheels. Our buddy Chris Lynch sent us this photo during his recent trip to Syndey. According to a sign next to the spoke-filled tree was this description:

The Rocks Christmas tree is made from the recycled parts of up to 100 bicycles. The tree-cycle is the third Christmas tree made from Recycled materials by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. This year’s tree stands approximately seven meters tall and took eight weeks to design and build.

You can read more about Chris’ travels through Australia at The Lynch Blog.

Give Thanks And Don’t Shave

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season, but it also marks day one of an annual winter beard growing contest between me and my brothers. A lot has happened since last year’s contest, but roughly 335 days of having to shave one’s face to conform with society’s norms has left us hungry to drop the stupid vanity on this Thursday, November 25th and leave the razors unused inside the medicine cabinets until Christmas Eve.

The participants:

[1] Greg: The oldest.
[2] Chris: The manliest (surfing in the snow, tearing ACLs, etc.).
[3] Doug: Last year’s winner.
[4] Willie: Still can’t grow a beard.

Here’s a holiday card/puzzle from past year’s contests to keep you interested/give you nightmares until the next update.

“Wrongo Dongo” Is The Name Of An Actual Wine

If you’re a sophisticated person who appreciates an under $10 bottle of wine that makes you laugh every time its name is said out loud, may I suggest to you a bottle of Wrongo Dongo? Seriously, it’s called Wrongo Dongo. I can’t stop laughing.

This Volvo Shuttles No One To Soccer Practice

An old Volvo is cool enough, but if you’ve got the means to paint a racing stripe and add a spoiler why not go for it, right?

And Today In Haight Street Kid News…

“Mom, I saw Scott on TV. I think he’s living in a park in San Francisco.”

The New York Jets Are Depleting Your Team

Our beloved New York Jets are an AFC East leading 7-2. While they may be one of the luckiest teams in the league, they are getting a good deal of respect from the teams they play each week. After most teams play the Jets (and lose) they seem to be depleted for the following week’s game. The record for teams after playing the Jets this year is a humble 3-5.

After losing to the Jets, the following teams did this:

  • New England barely beat Buffalo (1-8)
  • Minnesota barely beat Dallas (2-7)
  • Baltimore lost to Cincinnati (2-7)
  • *Green Bay is the only team with a good win

Teams are throwing everything they have at the Jets. Good chance the Browns get destroyed by the Jaguars this week, so call your bookie.

San Francisco MUNI Bicycle Drawbridge Effect

As the N Judah crosses Church Street along Duboce Avenue going inbound, it creates a drawbridge effect for cyclists coming out of The Wiggle riding eastbound towards the Duboce Bikeway Mural. This effect occurs as the N train stops all car traffic going in either direction on Church Street, which allows cyclists to cross the intersection carefree. When timed right, it’s quite awesome.

In Defense Of The Pay Phone

Without pay phones you [1] take away the ability for crazy homeless people to have pretend phone conversations, and [2] remove a potential canvas for some low-rank graffiti artist. I think that’s it, two things in defense of the pay phone.

Welcome To The Haight Please Don’t Feed Our Bums

Washington State Rains On Four Loko Parade

Come November 18th there will be a temporary ban (lasting 120 days) on Four Loko in Washington state, so please enjoy this graphic and the impending fire sale of the alcoholic beverage throughout Spokane liquor stores.

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