While Surfing, Most Surfers Are Thinking About Sharks [Infographic]

The November 2010 issue of Surfer Magazine published “semi-scientific results of what nearly 2,000 surfers think about life, themselves, and how we ride waves…” The survey produced some interesting data, but in my opinion it could have been vizualied better. As a NorCal surfer, one of my favorite results from the survey showed that 34% of surfers never think about sharks while surfing. I tried to display this data a bit more visually in the below infographic.

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  1. come on now.
    that’s a bit crooked. 34% never think about sharks. but that doesnt mean the exact opposite is true. The other 66% arent ALWAYS thinking about sharks.

    the few times i’ve surfed i was thinking about sharks.
    i was also thinking about sharks the entire day before and after.




    1. Correct, and that’s why the graphic doesn’t say they are “always” thinking of sharks. I think the other percentages of answers included “often” and “always”. So technically it’s a correct percentage to say they are thinking about sharks.




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