Team Ice Tubes Comes Correct At The 2010 Montauk Mightyman

Hundreds of amature triathletes descended on the east end of Long Island this past weekend, as the summertime town of Montauk played host to the 2010 Mightyman Half. Ice Tubes sent one of our best athletes (and oldest brother Greg) to compete in his first triathlon.

Greg at 5:30 am

Greg trained over the past two months using an iPhone app along the way to help track his performance. He bought his first racing bike, a sweet looking black Specialized, and is now the owner of a tri-wetsuit. Our man was ready.

We arrived at a 7-Eleven in Montauk around midnight on the Saturday prior to the event, just in time to purchase a few celebratory Budweiser “tallboys”. Greg made it to bed around 1:30 am, and caught a much need two hours of sleep. At 5:30 am, in the darkness of the early morning hours, Montauk was already buzzing with people prepping for the race and participants with flashlights on their heads setting up their bikes. By 6:30 am the wind really started to pick up and the air temperature was around 50 degrees.

Greg jumped into the water and an hour and a half later he crossed the finish line. He can now refer to himself as a triathlete, and I’m sure he will remind us of this fact often. Congrats Greg.

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  1. Proud of the daddy to be!




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