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Hey Texas, “Run And Tell That!”

Anti-bed intruder, Antoine Dodson, has made it in front of our pop culture loving eyes yet again. This time, a San Francisco Giants fan repurposed Dodson’s memorable rant to create one terrific Giants sign.

Moesch pretty much summed up the sign for us: “[It’s] way better than the ross is boss, rosstober or any other variation of rossbeardtober [signs].”

Agreed, Moesch, agreed.

Burning Down The Boat!

Tonight is the 20th Annual Boat Burning held down at the Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville, NY. The fun starts at 5pm.

Expect it to be nice and cold down by the bay tonight…perfect boat burning weather. It costs $5 and the grounds of the Maritime Museum are worth checking out.

The boat in the picture is the boat that will be burned tonight.

Team “Man Stache”

So we just spent the last month bringing awareness to breast cancer, but now that October is coming to an end what do we turn our attention to? Well it’s Movember, a time when men worldwide grow mustaches throughout the month of November to bring awareness to men’s health. Instead of wearing a pink ribbon, you grow a mustache. If you’re in the Long Island area you can join our buddy Terry who is participating in Movember and currently looking for members to join his team, “Man Stache”. Want to join Terry and track his progress?

While Surfing, Most Surfers Are Thinking About Sharks [Infographic]

The November 2010 issue of Surfer Magazine published “semi-scientific results of what nearly 2,000 surfers think about life, themselves, and how we ride waves…” The survey produced some interesting data, but in my opinion it could have been vizualied better. As a NorCal surfer, one of my favorite results from the survey showed that 34% of surfers never think about sharks while surfing. I tried to display this data a bit more visually in the below infographic.

Only Classy Beers Have Tin Foil

I was saving this for a Yankees World Series, but I guess an episode of How I Met Your Mother will suffice.


The Empire State

The Golden State

The Pelican State

Pumpkin River Rafting

Heavy rains flooded rivers in Upstate New York, washing away pumpkin patches and sending these orange beauties on the ride of their lives. Sure they’ll be a little soggy, but now you at least have the option of carving them with a plastic knife!

Bleeding Black and Orange

We here at Ice Tubes have been rooting for the San Francisco Giants throughout the playoffs, but now that our Yankees have been rolled over by the Texas Rangers, full support is being put behind the Giants to win it all this post season.

SF Giants Fan: Drunk or Psychic?

Don’t go to New York just yet dude.

At the time of this interview the Yankees trail the Rangers by one game in the ALCS and the Giants haven’t clinch anything just yet. This guy either has a lot of faith in the Yankees, or he’s hammered drunk. Based on the orange “fear the beard” thong on his head I’m going with the latter. KTVU pans away in a hurry.

Comcast Jinxes “Hapless” 49ers to Victory

If you’re curious what Comcast thinks of the San Francisco 49ers, apparently you just need to hit “Info” on your remote. Our buddy C.G. Lynch took a photo of just that during Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Looks like the joke is on Comcast, as QB Alex Smith spearheaded the “hapless” 49ers to their first (and maybe only) victory of the year.

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