Clam Power

At the West Islip County Fair this past Saturday I came across a t-shirt with a clam on it that said, “Clam Power”.  At one point in time, the Great South Bay, which borders Long Island’s southern coast in between the barrier beaches of Fire Island, was full of clams.  And at one point in time, clamming was a huge industry on Long Island. When my father moved to Long Island from Chicago back in the 70’s he got a job as a clam digger. Unfortunately, the Great South Bay has been over clammed,  and the clam digging culture associated with it is dieing out too.

Originally designed in the 1970s and just recently brought back into production to keep the Long Island clam culture going strong, the people at Clam Power are selling these great “Clam Power” t-shirts. Part of the money from every shirt goes to reseeding the clam population in the Great South Bay.  Go to the site, read more about them and buy a shirt to help keep clamming on Long Island alive.

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  1. ever eat clams from cape cod? delicious. Next time you’re up I’ll take ya to Ted’s fried clams. delicious



  2. do they have any shirts referencing the bearded clam revival?




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