Lance Armstrong Going On A Bike Ride Through San Francisco With Oracle’s Customers

Oracle takes care of their customers, and it would appear that they are really going to thrill some of their top cu$tomer$ during this week’s Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Lance Armstrong posted the below message from his Twitter account this morning, as it looks like Oracle has hired the seven time Tour de France winner to lead a bike ride through the streets of San Francisco for a few of their “top customers”.

Pretty cool of Oracle to think of something like that to show their customer appreciation. I’m thinking of pushing my company to hire Andy Pettitte to throw me batting practice.

Updated: Lance has ridden! Looks like the ride with the Oracle customer$ took place early this morning (Tuesday, September 21). Was anyone on the streets early enough to catch a glimpse?

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  1. […] It has something to do with rich people getting richer, and it probably won’t go anywhere near Bayshore Blvd. Ice Tubes has the full story. […]



  2. […] Lance Armstrong to ride through San Francisco today, send photos if he rolls through the Mission, Via Ice Tubes. A tree falls near St. Luke’s Hospital, did anyone hear it? Via Burrito Justice Filed […]




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