Adding Rails And A Top Deck To Your Wooden Surfboard

The last time I posted about the wooden version of the Channel Islands Biscuit, I was starting to glue the rail strips in place. This step takes a little bit of time, as you have to make sure each strip is fitted tight and firm next to each other. The time alone that it takes for the glue to dry will make this a lengthy step in the board building process. You’ll have glue dripping through the rails as you do this, so be sure to wipe off any of the excess glue as you go. Don’t worry if you miss some as you’ll be able to remove it later.

Your rails will have a corduroy look to them. Remove the extra wood and glue from the rails to give your self a clear look at the shape of the rails.

After getting your rails on, you’ll need to cut in your “lands”.  The “lands” are where the top planks meet the rails. I use a spoke shave and sanding block to cut away the rails in order to form my lands. Be careful to take away only what you need from the rails. Once its gone its not coming back. You’ll want to have a smooth outer line on your lands. The smoother the line the better the top of your board will look.

When your lands are ready its time to glue on the top of your board. Make sure the blocking for the fins and air vent are inserted and clearly marked so you’ll be able to locate them. I used a whole bunch of straps and hand clamps to press the top plank down. You want a tight fit with the top of your board, so don’t be shy with the amount of glue and clamps you use.

Let the board sit for an entire day so the glue has time to dry. When you remove the claps, you’ll have a “wood blank” ready to be shaped.

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