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Brooklyn, Home Of The Most Patriotic Car

While walking the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Ray-Ban rocking friend of Ice Tubes, JantzCommaSteve, snapped a photo of the most patriotic car in Brooklyn. Hey San Francisco, pick your abstract art loving game up!

Clam Power

At the West Islip County Fair this past Saturday I came across a t-shirt with a clam on it that said, “Clam Power”.  At one point in time, the Great South Bay, which borders Long Island’s southern coast in between the barrier beaches of Fire Island, was full of clams.  And at one point in time, clamming was a huge industry on Long Island. When my father moved to Long Island from Chicago back in the 70’s he got a job as a clam digger. Unfortunately, the Great South Bay has been over clammed,  and the clam digging culture associated with it is dieing out too.

Originally designed in the 1970s and just recently brought back into production to keep the Long Island clam culture going strong, the people at Clam Power are selling these great “Clam Power” t-shirts. Part of the money from every shirt goes to reseeding the clam population in the Great South Bay.  Go to the site, read more about them and buy a shirt to help keep clamming on Long Island alive.

McDonald$, Home Of The 100 Dollar Breakfast

Apparently the good people of Shreveport, Louisiana don’t mind spending a little extra when it comes to their McDonald$ egg sandwiches.

Fire Tubes Of Hot Sauce

Maria Eugenia, the hot sauce from Columbia that comes in a tube is ridiculously hot and kind of sort of delicious. The only annoying thing is when the person who used the hot sauce before you squeezes from the top. That’s the worst.

Hurricane Igor Makes Waves On New York Beaches

Democrat Point: Long Island, New York (Hurricane Igor 2010)

The swell from Hurricane Igor has been around for the past few days here on the the shores of Long Island. The high winds and strong currents made for a long Sunday of paddling and missed waves. Democrat Point (pictured above) handled the size well but the drift didn’t make it worth the work of getting out. The 2010 hurricane season has lived up to the hype so far. Keep an eye out for good clean waves tomorrow (Monday 9/20)  morning.

Lance Armstrong Going On A Bike Ride Through San Francisco With Oracle’s Customers

Oracle takes care of their customers, and it would appear that they are really going to thrill some of their top cu$tomer$ during this week’s Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. Lance Armstrong posted the below message from his Twitter account this morning, as it looks like Oracle has hired the seven time Tour de France winner to lead a bike ride through the streets of San Francisco for a few of their “top customers”.

Pretty cool of Oracle to think of something like that to show their customer appreciation. I’m thinking of pushing my company to hire Andy Pettitte to throw me batting practice.

Updated: Lance has ridden! Looks like the ride with the Oracle customer$ took place early this morning (Tuesday, September 21). Was anyone on the streets early enough to catch a glimpse?

One Less Bike

To the people who have never ridden a bicycle outside the safety of a cul-de-sac but for some reason feel as though they have any authority to tell cyclists how dangerous and annoying they are on the roads, “you are so dumb, you are really dumb–for real.

I commute to work by bike almost everyday in San Francisco. I don’t own a car, but I know how to drive one. If the situation calls for it I’ll reserve a Zipcar and drive in the city. I’ve never been hit by a car on my bike [knock on wood] or come close to hitting a cyclist while driving in the city. Perhaps this is because I know what it’s like to navigate the city by both bike and car.

If you’re cursing out a person on a bike who’s in the middle of your lane going 8 mph, well then I guess you’ve never experienced a delivery truck blocking the bike lane, someone flinging open their car door directly in front of your path, or in some cases having no bike lane at all. [Note: The shoulder is not a bike lane]

If you’re wondering why you get dirty looks and the middle finger from a cyclist after speeding past them to make it to the red light in time, you’ve just never had a vehicle weighing a ton almost clip your arm and pound you into the pavement.

If the breaks on your car make a screeching noise as you approach a stop sign, you’re going to fast, chill out. [Note: Bikes should brake at stops and obey all traffic laws, but not all of them do. Don’t you think it’s better to shake your head in disapproval from you car than hit someone on a bike. That could really put a wrinkle in your dinner plans]

If you’re sitting in traffic and getting pissed as people on bikes fly past you as you continue to get later and later for work, sucks for you get a bike.

Like anything you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So unless you’ve ridden a bike in the city or alongside decently heavy traffic, your commentary on cyclists isn’t worth the air in my tires. [Note: The air in my tires is free]

You’re Welcome, Baby – I Put A Lime In Your Corona

The next time you’re in a bar, the park or at the beach give this one a try.

“May I help the lady with that lime?”

Fluffy Wooden Biscuit

Chris showed us step one and two of building the wooden version of the Channel Islands ‘Biscuit’, which we guess makes step three showing off your super light, super clean, un-glassed board of sweetness.

Step four would be to make your board into a fiberglassed thing of sweetness, but glassing a surfboard is definitely not the easiest step in the process. However, once the board’s glassed and has some fins it’s then considered ocean wave ready sweetness.

Wooden surfboards are surprisingly light(er) than you think because they take the same engineering shape as tissue paper model airplanes that have a skeleton wing structure. Chris is pretty in shape though, so he could probably hold that board with one hand for more than the 3 seconds it took to take that above photo.

Judge An Album By Its Cover And “try swimming” With Mike Molaro

From the cold streets of Chicago, Illinois, Mike Molaro has been bringing the musical thunder for years. Now transplanted to the musician-friendly town of Austin, Texas, Molaro recently released try swimming, arguably the greatest album name and cover ever which is bound to appear among the top of Pitchfork’s reviews.

Molaro graciously provided Ice Tubes with a song from try swimming called “Soil and Soul” which can be streamed below. If you want more, try swimming is available on iTunes and

Listen to Soil And Soul by Mike Molaro
So who is Mike Molaro? Read more about the guy in our Q&A with him below.

[IT]: Describe “Try Swimming” to someone who’s never heard you before.
[MM]: Well, up until this point all of my solo albums have been bedroom releases. This is the first Mike Molaro project that is, was still recorded, mixed, and engendered in the bedroom. But I think it’s a turning point. I think finally on this album I have really honed in on that ‘mike molaro’ style. What is that style? I dont know. Some kind of Folk. Folk in the true sense of the word. Folks are people. I’m a person. This album has a lot of sentiment coming out of one guy. And i suppose that’s folk music. But i dont intend for it to adhere to any tradition. Inspired by the old and processed anew, I suppose. Really it’s to be enjoyed by art appreciators. Not just music fans or finger picking buffs or whatever. Its something you should set time aside for. You dont look at a Picasso while driving. I have a bit of beef with the passive listening concept…but that’s a whole different ramble, so anyways all the tracks on Try Swimming were written over the course of about a year. I had this great apartment with a third floor balcony of the Chicago skyline. I did a lot of heavy drinking and finger picking on that balcony. So i have the balcony and the predominantly Miller High Life on the rocks to thank for what i think are going to be some lasting songs in my career.

What’s with the album title, “Try Swimming”?
Oh, come on. That’s a loaded question. Do you really want to spoil the album with this interview?

Inspiration, where do you get it?
When i’m not feeling creative…i learn as many songs as i can. i’ll sit down and learn a whole Townes Van Zandt album, or learn to finger pick a Mississippi John Hurt tune note for note. and i guess i subconsciously take note of these chops and ideas. But when i do feel that creative drive..just ready to pour out of me, well i hope i’m inspired by my life, the people around me, my emotions, the things i feel and do. I hope i’m learning the craft and skill from the greats while trying to create something original and unique with that skill set. …and of course, i have to give a shout out to my old metal and punk roots. flotsam and jetsam, anthrax, slayer, the misfits, megadeth, I hope i still have some edge that puts me in a different category than your Sweet Baby James’ folkies.

You packed up your life in Chicago for Austin, TX. What’s the musical difference between the two cities?
i’ve played in rock bands in chicago. and they were always well received. and i have a lot of love for that city. But what it comes down to is people go to a bar in chicago for one activity. and that activity is not listening to music, or playing pool, or meeting new people, but it is to drink. So unless you’re an upbeat act, or playing in line with chicago history and doing blues and jazz, if you’re not doing that…than, well. I dont think people get their head around it. They dont know how to listen. And i dont blame them. When i’m at a bar in chicago I’m drinking too. And i dont want some whiny kid with a guitar ruining my consumption experience. in Austin, its absurd. after my first open mic here I was floored. People are coming up to me saying specifically i liked this lyric or that. talking to me about my chord changes. I mean, that’s unreal. that is some musical kinship.

What bands are you listening to now?
Most everyone i listen to is old and grey or dead. Leonard Cohen John Hurt, Towns Van Zandt, Dylan, the Beatles, I guess Nick Cave is still relatively young. …the new ones i’m spinning are the National. A band that has a drummer who can make you weep is pretty incredible. Also this kid of out of Chicago Stephen Hiro is pretty talented. I’m slipping into the gentle hard rocking Beach House. Joanna Newsom is someone to look out for as well. I think she’s the new Bob Dylan. i know every up and coming song writer has been given that label by somebody, but man, this girl can really transform the sonic landscape.

Have you ever smashed a guitar?
Oh, yes. it wasnt on stage though. And i believe it was partially Fernet inspired. I was in a terrible drought of some sort of depression…and i was walking downtown in chicago with my guitar. and right there in front of tons of people, workers and tourists..children..haha, the whole spectrum of people…i realized and felt victum to my music. sometimes you put in so much goddamed time and effort, and there are days when you feel musically worthless, like you havent created much, and that you’ll never really make it somewhere with it.. and so, I suppose i took my metaphorical chain and i smashed it against a telephone poll. Not one time, but repetitively…a sinister like smile washed over my face i think…and then i cheerily stumbled away.

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