Check Washer & Dryer Installation Off My Bucket List

Every so often, a guy needs to step it up and put on a man skills clinic. For me, this clinic took place last weekend when I helped my girlfriend move into her new apartment. Standard of all apartment moves I dealt with the ridiculously heavy couch equipped with pull out bed, dresser, desk, bookshelf and mattress. But this move got turned up a notch, as a brand new washer & dryer had been purchased with the delivery and installation offer thoughtfully declined upon checkout. No biggy, I was up for a new challenge.

And just because I had an ounce of energy left in me, I put together the TV stand pictured below.

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  1. two questions:

    1) does the washer dryer work and not knock like a lunatic in a straightjacket whenever you run it

    2) what kind of revenue are you pulling in from our adsense keywords?



    1. my guess:

      1) sort of. the washer probably gets clothes wet, and leaks all over the floor. but when it’s said and done you’re left with something resembling clean laundry. this will of course lead to the washer breaking down sooner than it should.

      2) there are no ads on ice tubes….yet



  2. Luckily for me, the washer/dryer hasn’t even been used yet. She’s waiting for me to be there this weekend, which has high probability of inspiring another blog post. On a side not, the TV has not fallen through the stand yet.




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