Grateful Dead – Dick’s Graffiti Picks, Vol. 1 & 2: Ashbury St., San Francisco

Both of these Grateful Dead inspired stencils are painted side by side along Ashbury Street in San Francisco. Although Jerry’s finger work graffiti was totally crunchy, the set list and crowd for Steal Your Face graffiti was beyond epic. I guess you had to be there.

(left) Jerry's finger work, circa 2010; (right) Steal Your Face, circa 1998

Note: This is the 100th post published by Ice Tubes. Thanks for reading, looking and watching.

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  1. Yo thats my friends stencil. Right infront of 710 where the dead lived round 67. the kids an amazing artist. havent been in the city for bout six months but he did a big ol lightning bolt on the wall on the roof of that metal record shop by the front of the park.



    1. that’s really cool. i walked by this again the other day and the city is replacing a lot of cracked sidewalk slabs and i thought this one had gotten taken out. lucky it was still there.




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