Canadian Sponge Candy

Happy Canada Day. My dad (not Canadian) used to eat this stuff as a kid during fishing trips north of the border. He tracked some down in a gas station somewhere in Canada and had it shipped down to New York to hand out as Christmas stocking stuffers this past year. I’m pretty sure this exact bag was in-stock on shelves when my dad was a kid. I’ve been waiting for Canada Day to enjoy mine.

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  1. At best, I would call this product “naked” sponge candy. Where is that tasty chocolate coating? Down in B-Town (that would be Buffalo, NY for those in the know…) – we take our Sponge candy very seriously, almost as seriously as the Buffalo Bills, but that’s another story for another time…

    A much better picture of Buffalo Sponge Candy is available at:

    Drool over that one..better yet Google around to find some online stores. May I suggest the site?



    1. Buffalo Sponge Candy! My dad’s going to flip.




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